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Chez BoBo is a side project sprung out of enthusiasm for things with a history, things that have already been loved and deserve to be loved again. 


We are driven and inspired by recycling and upcycling, and the oh so satisfying feeling when an old item finds a new home. 


At Chez BoBo, you will find a handpicked mix of furniture, lighting, art and interior details, both classic and odd items with one thing in common, that we find them gorgeous (or charming as hell). 



Chez BoBo was founded in 2013 by Hanna Ross and Cecilia Steiner.

BoBo is short for Bourgeois and Bohemian, two sometimes perceived negatives coming together here as one delightful sumptuous positive. A welcome home, an invitation to explore our world. 


Hanna Ross is a Freelance Accessory Designer who specializes in leather, educated at London College of Fashion. During her fifteen years living in London she created leather interior for Shoreditch House and Mulberry, as well as private orders for the artist Robbie Williams, among others. 

Hanna has also worked with great names in the fashion industry in London, such as Matthew Williamson, Todd Lynn and Jimmy Choo and here in Sweden with House of Dagmar and Tärnsjö Garveri among others. 


Cecilia Steiner works with jewellery designer (and dear friend) Cornelia Webb. She has been a buyer for multibrand store Nitty Gritty for nearly 10 years (2010-2019) and is always treasure hunting.  

Cecilia has previously worked as Visual Merchandiser for PUB Department Store in Stockholm, she has been designing jewelry under her own name, and ran and co-owned Le Shop Stockholm 2003-2008. Both the latter and Nitty Gritty have been awarded  Sweden´s Best Store. 


We are based in Stockholm. Follow us on instagram: @chezbobose 

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