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Chez BoBo´s very first restoration project was this pair of bar stools in steel and teak, probably from the 1960´s, with chair pads in very poor condition. We made new ones in leather, and by doing so gave life back to this stunning duo.

We have washed the steel but kept the patina, you want these stools to come across a bit more raw, not shining bright. We have cared for the wooden teak parts with special oil, and we made new chair pads in leather from the tannery of Tärnsjö Garveri. We chose a cognac tone in the leather, for a more discrete luxurious look and to make the teak details stand out even more. The colours sure complement one another.

The leather has been molded by hand in an advanced and old technique to avoid seams, and then nailed underneath. The result is more organic, vivid and not the least more durable. Leather certainly ages beautifully so make sure you use the seats frequently. 

Do you have something in need of new leather? Contact us at, we would be happy to help you out. Approximate cost for one chair pad like this is 1500 SEK, however this always refers to the chosen leather at the time, size and technique. Every cost offer is therefor unique.

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