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Modest beauty is created in Jokipiin Pellava Textile Mill in Finland. It is situated on a riverbank, surrounded by Ostrobothnian landscape. Originally, locals brought wool from their sheep and linen from their fields in exchange for spun yarn. Today, the red-brick textile mill celebrates it’s 95th year in operation and the linen yarn is bought from northern Italy, as it’s not common to grow your own in Finland these days. They don’t use any toxins at Jokipiin Pellava, and the amount of waste is equivalent to that of a modern family of four.

This is where Samuji tea towels in bold stripe and multi stripe are made. They are designed by Katja Hynninen. She says that an ample space is her favourite design element, but she also believes one can create an illusion of space even to a tiny home, not just by getting rid of things, but also by choosing the right colours and materials. Fabrics add character and feeling to a space.

Hynninen always aims for practicality when designing fabrics, often with a minimalistic motive and two colours at the most. Along with the looks, she wants you to pay attention to the feel and functionality, and how the fabric is manufactured.

The Samuji Koti tea towels are made with such beautiful craftmanship, and the woven blend of 50% linen and 50% cotton is both durable and stunning. A quality investment that will look amazing in any kitchen. Two prints are available, and both of them come in red, green or black print on an offwhite base. Check them out more closely in our shop section!

All photography in this post by Sami Repo for Samuji.

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