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Chez BoBo’s first homestaging project above, a small apartment on an archipelago island just outside Stockholm. The flat was completely emptied so we had to bring the whole lot to the space, to inspire and furnish the place in a fashion likely to attract a large crowd.  The property was sold immediately after the open house sessions so we consider it a successful commission!

The three vases in the window are made by the legendary Stig Lindberg, and the Domino vase (to the right) will be available in Chez BoBo shop shortly. So will the brass candle holder on the table, so clever with it’s movable arms which means you can shape it in different formations. So unique and a very cool piece!

The greige table lamp with a claw-foot is made by Ewå, Värnamo, Sweden and will also arrive in the shop shortly. Keep an eye out for it, it’s truly gorgeous and rare to find in this colour.

All photos by DIAKRIT, some cropped for detail.

Chez-BoBo-e1386545094610 copie.png
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