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♦ Original 1960’s/70’s stackable candle holders, set of three with 18 amazing tall and slim candles included. 6 in a peachy soft pink tone and 12 candles in a sophisticated darker blue tone. The candle holders are stackable and made by German iconic manufacturer BMF Nagel. 
♦ Steel base, good condition with normal patina and wear due to age. They serve as both candle holders and sculptures all in one go. We have the foot listed separately so you can build a small candelabra. Also inspirational photos of how it looks with many - start collecting if you haven’t already. Space age brilliance up for grabs! 
In this listing, 3 units and 18 candles.
♦ Measures approx. 6 cm high and 10 cm in diameter across. 

Payment via Paypal invoice or Swish. Please DM us if you are interested to buy! Contact e-mail:
Please note that shipping cost within Sweden is approx. 90 SEK and this will be added to the invoice. If you´d rather pick your order up in either Nacka or Sollentuna (Stockholm), this option is free of charge.
We ship worldwide. Please e-mail us for a quote for International shipping to your location.


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